Summer Camp:
August 2018

These are student works from a week-long “multicultural” themed summer camp I designed for ages 11-14.

My primary aim with these projects was to— with limited capacity— expand expectations and insist on the arts of cultures that may otherwise be glazed over in mainstream Western arts curricula.

I introduced each project with a brief lesson in visual culture whereby I, to the best of my ability, contextualized each art form. In so doing— and by not providing my project sample for them to copy— I wanted to promote a sense of appreciation as opposed to appropriation in allowing students the creative space to explore their own informed interpretations of these arts.

Persian Miniatures (Iran). Watercolour, marker, imitation gold leaf on parchment paper, mounted on MDF

Kilims (MENA region). Raw canvas, felt, yarn

Oaxacan animals (Mexico). Plasticine, beads

Kente cloths (Kenya). Stamps made from foam wrapped in hemp string, acrylic on construction paper

All student examples were documented in accordance with permission forms signed by parental guardians prior to the programs.